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The cosmology issued of the Piaroa culture is a very complex one, which requires patience, accurate translation and cultural comprehension. Their spiritual practices involves a complex cosmology, medicinal plants and shamanism. As explained by leading members of the community, the myths are transmitted through chants, which require dedication and time to be learned over years, and are sometimes difficult or even impossible to translate from songs to stories (oral or written) or explain in a comprehensible form to someone used to  western symbolism.

Don Juan and the Bolivar community are answering our questions to give us a brief introduction to it. We asked them if they could try to give us brief answers as an introduction to their tradition.

If you wished to add a question please email us. 


Questions to Don Juan about the Piaroa cosmology

  • How is the myth of the creation seen by the Piaroa?

  • Who are the central Gods and Goddess to the Piaroa?

  • How are the sacred elements represented, and which one are worshiped?

  • What does the bee represent in the Piaroa tradition?

  • How does the cosmology helps maintening peace?

  • What is the impact of the chanting and prayers?

  • What is the relationship between the men and women in the tribe?

  • What are the gender specific roles or shared roles?

  • How doesthe male/female relationship sustains the medicine and the clan?

  • What is the relationship between the male and female energy in the context of space holding in a ceremony?

  • Why is the altar ideally given to a person who has a family?

Believing in a mythic past,the space of the eternal relationship with Purana and Teheru (God and Goddess) is the goal of life to Piaroa community, to enter into the spiritual realm of the Gods.

Through an ancient process of energetic transference the shaman recites sacred chants into a mixture made from honey and water for the consumption  of participating members of the tribe to keep them safe from violence and internal corruption. The shaman also works as a mediator and diagnostic, resolving personal issues, matters of ill health,  and acts as mentor to both the the young and adult, teaching them to identify and manage emotions, installing self responsibility and respect for others so that collectively they may operate with a high level of tranquility and self-control. [ 1 ]

[ 1 ] Nature and Wisdom - The Piaroa People.

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