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The Importance Of


There are lots of responsibilities coming from creating a relationship.


This is true at a personal level just as much as at a collective one, and even more when it involves people from different cultural contexts.


Within our intention to support the Bolivar community, we consider how to respectfully reciprocate their generosity.

It is important to avoid aculturation, folklorisation and commercialization when funding projects in cross-cultural contexts.  The projects funded here are requested by the community and help promote their own self-sufficiency.


We believe in conscious and collaborative bases as essential to maintain balance.


We believe in :

- respect for the ways of the Piaroa,
- giving priority to their desires & requests,

- open communication with the referents,
- transparency from both sides,
- collaborative management,
- consideration and respect for different conceptions of time, money and logistics,

- suggesting  realistic and feasable projects,
- informing about the effects of new products or new technologies,

- speaking the truth,

- being humble.

Within our relationship with Piaroa Wisdom

There is also a lot of responsibilities in receiving teachings, in serving or taking traditional medicine. These are times of change during which ancient wisdom must radiate and reach out to as many of us as possible, as per the vision and wish of Abuelo Bolivar and his community.

As something becomes more accessible it also risks to deviate from its essence. The line can be fine between serving sacred medicines and misusing them.

We invite you to remain humble in your own practice, very present and very aware of the circles you choose to sit in, as well as whom you are receiving wisdom and medicine from, their lineage, spoken intentions and their actions.


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