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 applied to our western lives


Western society can learn much from the Piaroa and other indigenous people.​

"In these times of great transition the path forward may lie within educating people to return to traditional way in their daily lives and to cultuvate critical thinking above programmed thinking.

Rather than searching for new methods of reform for issues such as our corrupted governance or our unethical law enforcement systems perhaps we may simply reflect upon the simple ways of the Piaroa where collective coexistence is valued above an egoic sense of individuality and where punishment and coercition do not have a place nor a reason to be.

On the other hand, it’s vital to keep in mind the small size of the Piaroa society. It would be irrational to compare it to the size of the western society and expect the same results, but it wouldn’t be irrational to expect at least some process or inter-cultural learning and communication. The western world most certainly could profit if it gained respect for traditional societies and tried to incorporate their thoughts into its philosophy.


It seems like returning to nature would also bring us back to humanity.

Ultimately, it is clear that the Piaroa value collective coexistence above individuality, a sacrifice most western people are not ready -yet- to make. The solution lies in educating people to be more open minded and to think critically. As a result, an individual and the society around him/her would be more receptive to others and to alternative ideas. The future generation would be given the great and hard task of gathering more knowledge, accepting different cultures and trying to analyze and incorporate indigenous ideas into the modern world. It would signify a newfound foundation for tolerance and peaceful coexistence which could bring humanity and its unrelenting spirit back to its full-hearted natural roots..."
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[ 1 ] Nature and Wisdom - The Piaroa People.

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