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 applied to our western lives

Our world is off balance.
From environemental to health, to politics. In the wake of this sense of urgency, ancient traditions, their wisdom and medicine are there to reconnect us to ourselves, to others and to Mother Earth. Ancestral visionary traditions are there to guide us back to the golden age.

"...]natural medicine can help us remember the Truth of who we are, our divine purpose and the unique gifts we each are endowed with. When we heal ourselves we make it possible for everything and everyone else to heal." [ 1 ]

[ 1 ] Zahrah Sita - Journeying with Huachuma



  • The importance of the clan and the family 

  • The balanced male & female energy

  • The benefits of frequent circles of discussions

  • Peaceful and skillful conflict resolution

  • Avoiding confrontation

  • The importance of stillness and patience, through words and actions

  • How to work with fear

  • Discipline 

  • Community focus - co-operation & collaboration

  • Living close to Nature

  • Simplicity

  • Service & generosity

  • Healthy dynamic between masculine and feminine within a family, tribe and society

  • How to live in harmony with Nature, as part of nature and as caretakers of the planet

  • Seeing life as a whole in terms of spiritual life and daily life. Not dividing or compartmentalizing these things. Living them in integrity and fluidity. 

  • How to be of service to everyone who comes to see you.

  • Intimate knowledge of and relationship with the plants of the jungle.

Continuity within our daily lives


The challenge lays in how to put into practice the learnings we receive from guardians of ancestral wisdom. Whether we learned through circles of consciousness, peligrinages or ceremonies, the work begins once these end, and one returns to normal life.

The Bolivar family is constantly working on those learnings, aware that every new days brings a new challenge, and that the circles of consciousness and the circle of ceremonies must be present in daily life. This is possible to adapt to western life, no matter where we live, waking up and going to bed through increasing awareness. Perhaps through connection with others on similar paths it is easier to maintain continuity between sacred teachings and daily life. 

Western society can learn much from the Piaroa and other  indigenous people.​

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