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of the extended family and friends of the Bolivars, an inspiring Piaroa community, preserving ancient ways for a bright collective future.

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This platform is a collective initiative to support the Bolivar community.

We invite you to use it as a tool to:

- Raise awareness around the  Piaroa and the Bolivar community


- Fundraise for the needs of the community  


- Facilitate connections about shared circles, intentions & journeys

Those of us  who benefited from the Don Juan Bolivar's community's hospitality or from their teachings through circles back home can have the opportunity to give back , honoring an ancient tradition of reciprocity.


Community, Generosity and Balance

The Bolivar family is led by the couple Don Juan Bolivar - recognized by the Venezuelan government as the cacique (chief and medicine man) of the tribe –
and his wife Dona Julia. Although the name given to them by the anthropologists, "Piaroa" is more common in the western world, the name they use themselves, which they received from the Gods is "Hotuja". 

Don Juan is the son of the late Don Bolivar and still-living Dona Elena, who as chano (grandfather) and chana (grandmother) are the lineage holders of the Hotuja Piaroa. Don Bolivar, a medicine man and pacific leader, was well known across South America and beyond for his unsurpassed knowledge and visions for humanity. 

The Piaroa are known as the most peaceful naturally established society ‘’nation or tribe’’ in South America and appear upon the Peaceful Societies List. Believing in a mythic past, the space of the eternal relationship with Paruna and Teheru (God and Goddess) is the goal of life. They live this daily as an attraction and moral obligation to foster peace and equality among themselves and
with Mother Nature.

The Piaroa live and have lived in the same way for a very long time, perpetrating stability and harmony. 


Piaroa Dona Julia.jpg
Piaroa Dona Julia 2.jpg

Why donate to the Bolivar community?

Because it is rather a CONTRIBUTION than a donation.
We benefit immensely from what we experienced and learnt through this relationship. A "lifetime's learning" many have said.

The community's life quality would benefit from basic improvements , and we believe that those of us who take part in Piaroa circles in Europe, in America or elsewhere, who have visited, who are learning one way or another from their ancestral knowledge, or who simply feel connected would be honored to be given a way to reciprocate the love. 

Whenever possible we wish to be present to support  
the projects supported by these donations with planification and hands-on work. When so, we will gladly follow up with our donors about the progress on-site.

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