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The Piaroa live and have lived the same way for a long, long time, perpetrating stability and peace. It is through their spiritual lineage and their cosmopology belief system that they access the guidelines to maintain
peace and harmony.


The name Piaroa is a term of unknown origin, but has become the name and language for the Huottüja De'aruhua people, are also known as masters of the forest and as the knowledgeable people (Wothuha) traditionally living along the middle course of the Orinoco river, and the middle and upper course of the Sipapo and Cuao rivers in the Vichada Department of Venezuela [ 1 ].

Declaring their autonomy and sovereign status by creating a special legal jurisdiction and a court under their rights to self-determination as indigenous peoples in 2020 ( REF ??? ) the Piaroa are known as the most peaceful naturally established society (nation or tribe) in South America and appear upon the Peaceful Societies List along with the Amish and the Hutterites who are widely recognized for their non-offensive disciplined traditional lifestyles in North America [ 3 ].

Holding a strong sense of peace, equality, individual autonomy and viewing competition as spiritually evil and lauding cooperation, the Piaroa are strongly egalitarian with each community being independently led and often cooperative therebetween.

​They strongly opposed to the hoarding of resources, which they see as giving members the power to constrain their freedom. They emulate humility, pacifism, and positive moral values. The Piaroa are monogamous and rarely separate or divorce [ 4 ]. Family is the base and chore of everything.

​In the absence of authotarian figures,  punishments and imprisonments, the Piaroa adopt group therapy to reeducate those fallen out of alignment so that further misalignments may not occur from a greater sense of self awareness toward how actions effect the greater good of all. 
The Piaroa way relies greatly upon basic common sense and when compared to the established  law enforcement systems of modern day societies, the purity and simplicity of the ancient Piaroa system, seems to stand self evident in its efficiency levels, in a  natural and humane fashion [ 1 ]. 


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